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We use a balanced fertilizer to give your lawn its deep green color, to feed and develop its root system. Developing the root system is vital to the lawn's health and appearance,and aids your lawn in becoming naturally weed resistant. Our fertilizers change throughout the year based on temperatures and weather, and may be either granular or liquid.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Tired of dealing with Crabgrass and Spurge in the late summer? Applying a pre-emergent weed control in the early spring will help to get rid of the summertime weeds before they can become an eyesore in the lawn. As the smaller seeds germinate and begin to grow, this proactive weed control will kill those seeds before ever allowing them to emerge in the lawn. In addition to applying pre-emergent herbicides in the lawn, we also offer different options for flowerbeds to keep the weeds out of those areas that cannot have post-emergent herbicides applied to them. This application is typically done mid to late April weather permitting.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Post emergent weed controls are applied to the lawn all year to limit the broad leaf weeds such as dandelions and clover. We change our herbicides and application methods throughout the year to target the different weeds and their different population cycles.

Billbug/Grub Worm Insect Control

Every fall prior to the adult insects dying off for the winter, their larvae are left in the soil. As the soil temperatures rise the following spring, it is those larvae hatch and eat your lawn's root system. These grub like worms can destroy an entire lawn if left untreated. Applying our insecticide to the lawn pro-actively will eliminate the newly hatched larvae before they cause any damage to the turf. This application is typically done mid May to early June.


Don’t let too much thatch and compaction hinder your lawn’s potential. With our soil conditions, aerating the lawn annually is as important to the progress and health of the turf as anything. Relieving the soil compaction will allow the lawn to take advantage of more of the water and nutrients offered to it, resulting in an overall thicker and healthier appearance. Although aerating can be done all year, the most beneficial times are early spring and early fall.

Vegetation Control

This is a service offered to treat those non turf areas that can become overrun with weeds. Examples of such areas may include gravel driveways, garden areas, RV pads, and parking strips. With these areas there is also the option of sterilizing the soil to prevent weeds from returning.