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Wolf Spiders

Often mistaken for a Brown Recluse spider, the Hobo Spider is one of the most poisonous spiders known to our area. The Hobo Spider is also known as the (AHS – Aggressive House Spider). Due to poor eyesight and the necessity to eat, the Hobo Spider is more likely to attack. If bitten by this spider, seek medical attention immediately. A bite from this spider can continue to cause damage for up to 3 weeks with many side effects.



Ants are difficult to control because they are colonized. The colony can be underground anywhere which makes targeting the Queen impossible. The Queen's job is to lay eggs which the worker ants look after. They are also required to obtain food for the colony to survive on. Although ants are fairly clean and tidy insects, they are also an extreme nuisance.



Earwigs are fairly common. They are rarely noticed except after periods of wet weather. Earwigs are outdoor insects, usually found in damp areas such as under mulch, dead leaves, logs, piles of wood, boards, stones, and other debris. Although not harmful to humans, they are an annoyance because of their presence. If disturbed, they can produce a foul odor and if left untreated, earwigs can attack plants and vegetables

Box Elder Bugs:

Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs cause concern as they gather in large numbers and bask on the warm exterior walls. It is then that they enter the home through cracks and openings in an attempt to find a place to survive the winter. Once Box Elder Bugs have moved into the wall cavities there is little that can be done. Control MUST take place in the summer and fall. Eliminating host trees is also an excellent way to control the Box Elder Bug populations.


Rodents, Roaches, and Bed Bugs:

Utah RoofRats

We have special programs to treat for pests like rodents, roaches, and bed bugs. These programs are tailored to each home and the severity of the problem. Please contact our office to speak with a specialist regarding this matter.