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We all dream of having the best looking lawn on the block. Given our very temperate seasons, this proves to be challenging. However, with regular fertilization and weed control applications provided by The Bugnappers, proper lawn maintenance (mowing/edging), and adequate watering, a thick healthy lawn is very realistic. We get all sorts of questions about what fertilizers to use, when to use, what about weeds? So let’s answer a few simple questions.

One question that gets asked more often than not is when is the best time to apply fertilizer? You’d be surprised but consideration for your lawn should start in the Winter. With fertilizer normally in liquid form and in granular form, there is seasonality to the fertilizer to be used. For the Spring and Summer months, liquid is the preferred fertilizer delivery system. However, moving into the Fall, fertilizers tend to move into granular form for longevity purposes & even distribution with all the Fall leaves & foliage in Ogden, Utah.

Or, what’s the best Ogden weed control? That’s simple, but dealing with a lawn full of weeds and keeping your lawn cared for and looking its best can feel constant with weed control issues. Weeds are often the homeowner’s top yard-related problems and they rob grass and garden plants for water and important nutrients. In addition, many weeds are unsightly and can quickly overrun your entire lawn. The Bugnappers can take the burden off your hands.

At The Bugnappers, choose a treatment made both for the type of weeds and the stage they’re in. Keep up with a proper lawn maintenance schedule to help keep your lawn weed free with our lawn care experts who have the experience to account for seasonal and regional intricacies. Want to be the best lawn on the block? Call Bugnappers today!

From Our Clients

"Extremely positive experience, from the friendly representative who set up my account to the technician who completed my order to the friendly girl who took my payment. Keep up the good work.”

Erica L

“I had hundreds of little bugs around so I called Bugnappers. I thought they were box elder bugs, the rep was very informative and explained that they were elm seed bugs and how they could get rid of them. Got home a few days after the spray to all of the bugs on my home and yard dead. Will use them again for anything.”

Brian S.

"We have been using Bugnappers for years and are very happy with their service. We never have bug/pest issues inside our home or garage. They have great prices and their customer service is also great and responsive when we have questions."

Gentry H.

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