Spring Has Sprung – Do Your Trees Know?

DORMANT OIL – Do I need it? YES. Yes you do. And you need it now.

Spring is just around the corner – or, depending on the weather, it has already arrived. Many of you have your minds on all things spring and summer, but those of us in the lawn and tree care business have our minds on something else- setting you up for the best possible (and healthy) year for you and your yard.

Dormant Oil is one of our most important – and least understood – services, and it’s one that only has a limited window during which it can be applied.

Once the tree’s have buds, up until they’re about the size of a dime, we can apply. After that, we aren’t able to provide that service for our clients.

What does Dormant Oil do for your trees?

Upon contact, the horticultural oil works to suffocate and smother any insect eggs left on the trees and shrubs from the previous year. One major benefit of this application is to assist the fruit trees in producing fruit with fewer insects. Being pro-active allows the flowering and fruition process to take place without immediate insect damage. This application is done during the early or late winter while the trees are dormant.

When are we applying Dormant Oil? RIGHT NOW.