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Dormant Oil

Upon contact, the horticultural oil works to suffocate and smother any insect eggs left on the trees and shrubs from the previous year. One major benefit of this application is to assist the fruit trees in producing fruit with fewer insects. Being pro-active allows the flowering and fruition process to take place without immediate insect damage. This application is done during the early or late winter while the trees are dormant.

Dormant Oil Sprays

Active Insect Spray

We offer a variety of services based upon the individual types of trees, shrubs, and bushes on the property. These active insect sprays are done throughout the entire growing season. They are designed to help control various tree pests including, but not limited to: Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, and Root Weevils.

Active Insect Sprays

Fungus Spray

Some trees and shrubs can house a disease or fungus that requires treatment with special chemicals at certain times. Because this is a specialty service please contact our office for further information.

Fungus Sprays

Walnut Husk Fly

For those customers that have Walnut trees and want to protect the summer crop of nuts, we offer a specially formulated and timed service to aid in this process. Typically, this service consists of two applications, approximately two weeks apart ,done in mid to late July.

Walnut Husk Flys

Mauget Injections

In some instances, the best manner to treat a tree is by injecting chemicals directly into the tree’s sap flow. These types of treatments are ideal for internal issues and insects such as Borers and iron deficiencies.

Mauget Injections


We do smaller trim and shape projects.

Pruning Services