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It really has become the buzzword of the lawn care and lawn fertilization industry, lawn aeration. What is lawn aeration, how long between lawn aeration, how much does lawn aeration cost? The questions just keep coming, so let’s take a look at Ogden lawn aeration services as well as Layton to Bountiful, Salt Lake City and St George, Utah.

Not all soil is created the same. Some soil just lacks the nutrients and minerals needed to sustain growth, let alone targeted growth. If you do not have good healthy soil, you will never have healthy grass, plants, or vegetables.

So lawn aeration is the process of loosening the soil to allow more air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This is done to help the roots absorb the fertilizer they need to grow stronger, while also helping them penetrate deeper into the soil profile. Once this process is started, the health of your lawn is closely tied to the quality and condition of your soil due to the care of aeration and fertilizing. Aerating can be a critical step to improving, restoring, and maintaining a pristine home landscape.

Naturally the cost of lawn aeration varies by severity of lawn and size of lawn. In terms of actual cost, a 1 quart bottle of fertilizer can treat 32,000 sq feet of lawn. But sometimes the lawn requires deeper and extra attention to ensure that the fertilizer can actually reach the roots.

Healthy lawns typically need a lawn aeration in the Spring, however, the lawn aeration process should begin with a call to Bugnappers who can begin you on a schedule for your healthiest lawn.

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