St. George Pest Control Services

St. George Interior Pest Control

We provide meticulous pest control services inside your home, focusing on all baseboards, areas under the sinks, and behind every major appliance. Our treatments also extend to accessible crawl spaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage. We treat every room on every floor to effectively seal potential pest entry and exit points.

Here are some common pests encountered in the interiors and exteriors of homes in St. George, Utah.


Spiders are ubiquitous, capable of turning any household space into their habitat. They primarily use webs to catch prey, but many also roam to explore new areas.

Black Widow

Black widows are particularly noted for their danger due to their venom’s potency. Regular inspection and cleaning of basements, garages, and outbuildings help deter these spiders from settling in.

Hobo Spider

The hobo spider, commonly seen in Utah, constructs funnel-shaped webs to trap insects. Managing hobo spiders typically involves reducing areas where they can find shelter and breed. Sealing cracks in the foundation, clearing clutter, and ensuring basements and crawl spaces are dry can help deter these spiders.


Recognizable by their forcep-like pincers and rarely used short forewings. They are sometimes parasites on mammals but typically known for their presence in homes.

Box Elder Bugs

These bugs primarily reside on boxelder, maple, and ash trees. Adults are about 13 mm long and are identified by their dark coloration with red wing veins and abdominal markings.


Ants may establish colonies outside but often enter homes in search of food, inhabiting walls, attics, or basements.

Bed Bugs

Mainly found in mattresses, bed bugs can also live in furniture, clothing, and stored linens.


These pests prefer dark, moist areas like attics, basements, and cluttered storage spaces, thriving in environments suitable for breeding.


Frequent pest control subjects, silverfish favor moist, dark environments similar to cockroaches, often found in bathrooms and basements.


Termites are hard to detect as they often remain hidden within walls or soil, with their presence usually noted by structural damage rather than sightings.

St. George Exterior Pest Control

Our St. George exterior pest control solutions cover the entire foundation of your home, including eaves, awnings, windows, doors, and more. Treatments extend to garages, sheds, and decorative flower beds to ensure a thorough pest barrier.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets can disrupt outdoor activities, especially when nests are nearby. Hornets, the larger relatives of yellowjackets, can grow significantly large and are formidable pests.


Common near water or humid areas, mosquitos can infiltrate homes via open doors or windows, posing both a nuisance and a health risk.


Ticks, primarily outdoor pests, can enter homes on pets or clothing, particularly in wooded or grassy areas.

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"Extremely positive experience, from the friendly representative who set up my account to the technician who completed my order to the friendly girl who took my payment. Keep up the good work.”

Erica L

“I had hundreds of little bugs around so I called Bugnappers. I thought they were box elder bugs, the rep was very informative and explained that they were elm seed bugs and how they could get rid of them. Got home a few days after the spray to all of the bugs on my home and yard dead. Will use them again for anything.”

Brian S.

"We have been using Bugnappers for years and are very happy with their service. We never have bug/pest issues inside our home or garage. They have great prices and their customer service is also great and responsive when we have questions."

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